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Solar Lanterns

lightweight, compact LED solar powered lantern

d.light A2 Solar Lantern

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d.light S30 d.light S30 lightweight, compact LED solar powered lantern

d.light S30 Solar Lantern

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d.light S500

Stay connected, anywhere you go. With the d.light S500, your phone will always stay charged thanks to the power of the sun. The d.light S500 also delivers up to 100 hours of light on a full charge, with four brightness settings. It packs an automatic Power Save mode, which reduces brightness of the light on low battery to extend runtime. Make S500 your camping companion today.


d.light S30

The d.light S30 is designed to be a reliable source of clean energy as well as a convenient camping light. Its highly efficient solar panel allows it to charge even on cloudy days. The Smart Solar Indicator lights up when it’s gaining a charge, so you can be confident that your solar powered lantern is charging. The d.light S30 is also a great addition to your at-home emergency kit – keeping the light on even when the power goes out.


d.light A2

The d.light A2 is an extremely durable, ultra-portable solar-powered lantern that goes wherever you do. With up to 4 hours of light on a single charge, the d.light A2 is ready to light the way on whatever adventures you have planned. The d.light A2 solar lantern is designed to be flexible and built to be durable so it’s perfect for camping, hiking, or anytime you want to unplug and live off the grid. Whatever the adventure, the d.light A2 can handle it.


Solar Lighting Kits

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