Donate To Diaster Relief

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d.light partners with charities all over the world to help send relief when natural disasters occur. By purchasing a d.light to be donated, you are directly impacting the lives of those most affected. 

d.light offers two products to be donated to natural disaster relief:

The d.light S500

  • A separate solar panel to charge the solar power lantern
  • Three brightness levels
  • Can charge a mobile device through the USB outlet
The d.light S3
  • A highly efficient integrated solar panel
  • Can charge even on cloudy days
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Three brightness levels

    How It Works: 

    1. Choose which product you would like to donate. 

    2. The product is sent to one of our partner charities. 

    3. The charity sends the product to where it is needed most. 


    d.light Awards: 2016 Innovation by Design Awards, 2015-16 Global LEAP Award, Core77 Consumer Product Award, Business Insider 100 - The Creators, 2016 Stevie Winner American Business Silver Award, Certified B Corp, GIIRS Rating Pioneer